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Formation of Standing Committee of Islamic Banking by ABA

date: August 23, 2016

For the purpose of strengthening of Islamic Banking in the country and to overcome IB Challenges, Afghanistan Banks Association (ABA) decided to form “Standing Committee of Islamic Banking”. In this regard, on August 23, 2016, ABA organized a meeting with Islamic Banking Heads.

The meeting was officially chaired by Mr. Najibullah Amiri Executive Director ABA. He suggested, in compliance with ABA’s General Body resolution and to play an effective role in future for the promotion of Islamic Banking in the sector, this Working Group which was formed in Feb 2016 by ABA, shall be restructured as permanent committee.
After deliberative discussion among Heads of Islamic Banking of seven Islamic Banking windows, a committee under title “standing committee of Islamic Banking “was formed. The committee will be working as per ABA’s guidance, shall have one Chairperson, two Vice Chairpersons and a secretary.
In addition, one member of shariah Board of every member banks of Islamic banking/windows can participate as honorary members of the committee.

Responsibilities of the Committee:
• To point out issues/deficiencies in areas of Islamic Banking and recommend suggestion for onward deliberation with DAB by ABA
• To Work closely with the association on need basis for the development/ promotion of Islamic Banking, strategic plan, etc
• To recommend training topics for capacity building of Islamic Banking/windows.
• To Promote Islamic banking publications and general awareness among the public.
• To organize seminar/workshop under the platform of ABA
• To tackle any other assignment that is helpful for the banking sector with regard to the Islamic Banking
• The committee will meet once in a quarter. Initially they may meet once in a month or on need basis
The committee was formed, Chairman, Vice Chairpersons and Secretary of the committee were appointed.
ABA role in this committee will be focal point which will be coordinating, facilitating, lobbying and overseeing the meeting progress, will officially communicate Committee’s recommendation to DAB, BoDs and other relevant stakeholders.
Mr. Amiri proposed, for the time being, for enhancement of public awareness on Islamic Banking, publishing of group magazine by the help of the IB Committee for the entire Islamic banking in the country is needed. He added that, the magazine will represent all Islamic windows. All member banks will share their articles in the said magazine and design of the magazine will offer from ABA freely. The committee agreed.