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ABA Initiates Capacity Building Workshop for Judges/Prosecutors

date: December 14-17, 2016

The Four day, Finance Law Consultation and Workshop for Afghanistan Judiciary and Ministry of Justice was conducted by The United States Department of Commerce Commercial Law Development Program (CLDP) and International Finance Corporation (IFC) with active coordination/representation of Afghanistan Banks Association (ABA) in Dubai, UAE during December 14-17, 2016. In this workshop, five judges from Afghan Supreme Court, four prosecutor from Ministry of Justice (Afghanistan), Expert Judges from IFC, Experts from CLDP, CEO of Frontier Standard Company and Mr. Edrees Alimy ABA Research and Communication Officer Participated. The capacity building program in finance law for judges and prosecutors was proposed by ABA to CLDP as short term support for accelerating debt recovery of banks in Afghanistan.
On the first day of the workshop, Mr. Siar Khureishi CEO Frontier Standard Company delivered a presentation on status of Afghanistan banking sector. Subsequently overview of recent legislative and institutional reforms of Financial Infrastructure in Afghanistan and Securing Charges was presented by Everett Wohlers, IFC Expert. Later on, Mr. Edrees Alimy delivered a statistical presentation on current trends of Afghanistan banking sector, included statistical figures on NPA rates, deposits, total loans extended, assets, capital, liability of the banking sector (2016-2015-2014) with comparison analysis and survey on Bad debt conducted by ABA on its memeber banks. Mr. Alimy suggested the following issues in legislative area to be considered by CLDP for the improvement of banking sector which is related to CLDP mission.

1. Conducting regular workshops for the judges and prosecutors, in Kabul will be much effective, since large number of judges prosecutors can participate and get benefit
2. Hiring Legal Advisor in ABA to do comparative study of Afghanistan banking laws regulation with regional and international banking laws, identify deficiencies to be suggested to DAB, MOJ and other stakeholders for amendments.
3. Corresponding banking relation issue was another issue that raised with CLDP to be taken with US Treasury for the vitality of the Afghanistan Banking sector.
4. Support of ABA for improvement of banking sector legal aspects.
All the recommendations were noted by CLDP to be taken into consideration in the future. During three remaining days of the workshop, presentations, open discussion on different topics included introduction to secured transaction, Mortgages –Creation, Completion and priority, collateral registry in Afghanistan, Enforcement of Charges and Mortgages, Tools and Mechanisms for Efficient Adjuration of Secured Lending Disputes, Draft Insolvency Law in Afghanistan, Inclusion of Notices of Mortgage in the Collateral Registry, real default cases from Afghan banking sector, other topics and case exercises were made, taking into consideration Afghanistan judicial environment and real cases scenario.