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ABA Takes Steps for Promoting of E- Banking/Payment in the Country

date: December 15-18, 2018

Technology is growing fast in 21 century, where changed the scenario of businesses and services dramatically, brought outstanding facilities to the mankind. Afghanistan as part of the globe, needs to join this globalization. Fortunately, the Afghanistan banking sector is following modern banking and technology, but still lots of efforts is needed to make this transformation faster, saver and larger.
As part of ABA promoting Electronic Banking strategy, during December 15-18, 2018,ABA supported /participated in the First E-Payment Exhibition which was organized by Afghanistan Expo Center and partnership of ATRA (Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority). The event was attended by Government High Officials, Banks CEOs/Management, and large business owners/Top Executives. More than 50 Companies/entities including ATRA, Banks, financial institutions, Technology companies, insurance companies, telecom companies, hardware/software companies, media etc. participated in the Exhibition as sponsor,partner or reserved booths, interacted with people, business, showcased their services, dealt businesses, sold products and services.
ABA Member banks (AIB, Azizi Bank, Afghan United Bank, Bank –e-Millie Afghan, Islamic Bank of Afghanistan, Pashtany Bank, and The First Microfinance Bank (FMFB) participated in the event, publicized their services, interacted with the hundreds of businesses as well individuals-customers, did direct marketing and disbursed advertisements and promotional gifts.
Afghanistan Banks Association (ABA) as supporter of the Event reserved both in the Exhibition, represented the banking sector, and updated public on banking services-E banking in four consecutive days.
At the first of the event, Mr. Najibullah Amiri ABA Executive Director delivered speech in inauguration Ceremony, induced business to utilize electronic payment and shared with public the E-banking positive trends and progress in the country. Furthermore, ABA management interviewed in Media i.e. Tolo, Tolo News, RTA updated public on banks e-payments (Online banking/shopping, Mobile banking, Internet Banking, Account to Account Transfer, custom duty payments through banks, electricity bill payment, etc) types of banks Cards (ATM, Debit Card, Master Card, Credit Card, Web surfer Card and Prepaid Cards) and their advantages as which some are below.

1- No time and place boundaries
2- 24 Hrs access to cash
3- Good liquidity management
4- Expedition in business transaction
5- Save times
6- Transparency in transaction
7- Reduction in different types of Cash Risk, i.e. theft, fire, fraud, corruption, natural disaster etc.
8- Positive impact on the environment and ecosystem
9- Connecting to international businesses i.e joint ventures, multinational companies
10- Saving cost of obsolescence of Cash-reduction in National expense
11- Finally, instrumental for business fast growth

In the Four Days Exhibition, ABA hosted hundred businesses/individuals directly introduced them all banks and their services especially electronic payments, talked with businesses as well individuals, encouraged them to improve their business and life styles by joining banking services-E banking.
At the end of event, ABA was appreciated by ATRA and Afghanistan Expo Center by receiving appreciation Award on its outstanding representation of the banking sector/contribution to the Exhibition, where ABA also granted gratitude Award for Expo Center Top Management for their cooperation with ABA.

ABA Message
Let’s work together for self-sufficiency of Our National Economy