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Afghanistan Banks Association

Updated on 09-Aug-2014

Arian Bank provides the following services and products:

Now Arian Bank is fully equipped and is at the service of the commercial, industrial, construction, and mining sectors. Taking into consideration the general regulation as well as the instructions of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Arian Bank is rendering all types of modern banking services, including but not limited to the following:

->Different Accounts:

Arian Bank offers opening different type of accounts for customers in Afghani and other currencies.
• Current
• Savings
• Fixed Deposit (three Months, Six months, and one year)


Using SWIFT, the modern worldwide interbank speedy transfer system and also the modern ACSS system devised by the Central Bank of Afghanistan, Transfer of funds done with the speed expected from the modern banking system.

->Letter of Credits:

• Straights LCs, directly utilized by the seller (beneficiary) himself.
• Transferable LCs, which the beneficiary can transfer to another person, e.g. the producer.
• Back to Back LCs, which the beneficiary can use as a security for opening another LC, or LCs.
• Transit LCs, Which is used for buying Goods from a third country.
• Revolving LCs, this can be used many times, instead of one time only.
• Export LCs, which are opened for Afghani sellers who export goods from Afghanistan.

->Letter of Guarantee:

Issuing Kinds of Letter of Guarantee that are required by domestic and international businessmen, Contractors, and industrialists:
• Bid Bond (Tender Guarantee)
• Performance Bond (Guarantee)
• Advance payment Guarantee
• Retention Bank Guarantee
• Payment Guarantee


Manufacturing Loans:
• Industrial loans
• Mining Loans
• Agricultural Loans
• Construction Loans
Commercial Loans:
• Loan for import of Goods
• Loan for export of goods
• Loan for domestic trading
Services Sector Loans:
• Loan for transportation Sector
• Loan for technical engineering
• Loan for public services
Other Loans:
• Loan for government Employees
• Wedding Loans

->Currency Exchange:

Foreign currencies that are authorized by the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for transaction are bought and sold by Arian Bank when so required.