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د افغانستان د بانکونو ټولنه
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Afghanistan Banks Association

Updated on 09-Aug-2014

Bakhtar Bank provides the following services and products:

Bakhtar Bank products and services are designed to help you achieve your financial goals.

Apply for one or more of our products today. Many of our checking accounts and credit cards offer instant approval.

->Retail Banking:

• Current Account:
A Firm/ NGO/ Trust/ Association or an Individual can open and maintain this Account
• Saving Accounts:
Saving Account is the most attractive scheme for those customers who want to save their money in order to earn a better profit margin. Saving account holders can retrieve their money any time they wish, as compare to other banks. Bakhtar bank provides best rate of interest in this scheme in the market.
• Fixed Deposit Account:
A. Multi Benefit Fixed Deposit (MBFD)
This Scheme is suitable for depositors seeking a good return for a fixed time period.
A deposit is made under an agreement stipulating that the fund must be kept on deposit for a stated period of time, the longer the term the better the yield on the money.
• Salary Accounts
• Western Union
• Correspondent Banking
The Bakhtar Bank offers you the following Correspondent Banking, settlement (payment) and cash-related services for rapid, quality and high technology-based banking operations:
1. Opening and integrated service of bank accounts both in national and foreign currencies for resident, non-resident customers.
2. Opening of Nostro and Vostro Accounts in Afghani, US Dollar and Euro to help the Banks for domestic and international payments in and outside Afghanistan.
3. Cash deposit and cash withdrawal
4. Money transfers in national and foreign currencies
5. Documentary operations
6. Online account management with the Internet Bank service
7. Cash collection and transportation at the client's timing convenience
8. Foreign exchange transactions
9. Collecting of local and foreign banks' cheques
• Credit Facility
1. Working Capital Finance
2. Short Term Finance
3. Bill Discounting
4. Export Finance
5. Term Lending
• Schedule of Charges:
1. Domestic Charges
2. International Charges

->Corporate Banking:

• Bakhtar Safe Cash
• VIP Current Account
• Business Finance
• Treasury and investments

->Modern Banking:

• SMS Alert
• Internet banking
• Core Banking system


Local/international remittance facilities are available to account/non-account holders as the
Bank has a correspondent-banking network (Commerz Bank AG Frankfurt, Germany, with
Leading global bank. Inward/outward remittance facility is available in various currencies through SWIFT.
Money transfer through Western Union: Inward & outward.