Afghanistan Banks Association

د افغانستان د بانکونو ټولنه
Afghanistan Banks Association
Voice of The Banks

Afghanistan Banks Association

Updated on 09-Aug-2014

Bank-e- Millie Afghan provides the following services and products:

->Deposit Scheme:

• Fixed Deposit
• Saving Accounts
• Current Accounts


• Secure and save money transfer.
• Western Union

->Fund Based Facilities:

• Working Capital Finance
• Term Loans
• Consumer Loans

->Non-Fund Based Facilities:

• Letters of Credit
• Bid Securities
• Performance Guarantee
• Advance Payment Guarantee

->Islamic Banking:

• Murabahah ( buy and resale)
• Mudarabah ( Partnership)
• Musharakah (Jointly undertaking the services)
• Diminishing Musharakah
• Ijarah (Leasing)
• Istisna (Manufacturing)
• Qarda-e-Hasana (Current Account)