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Afghanistan Banks Association

Updated on 09-Aug-2014

National Bank of Pakistan provides the following trade services:

NBP Financial Institutions & Cash Management Division (FI & CMD) division provides global trade services & solutions in the major financial hubs; we offer complete solution for importers as well as exporters. The services offered covers:

->Letter of Credit:

• Advising
• Confirmation
• Negotiation/Discounting
• Reimbursement

->Payment Services:

• Electronic Payment / MT103
• Fund Transfer / MT 202

->Structured Trade Finance:

• Risk Participation
• FI Syndication
• FI Lending
• Bridge/Project Financing

->Trade Collection Services:

• Export Bill Collection Services
• Documentary/Clean Collection

->Trade Financing:

• Account Receivable Discounting
• Usance Payable at Sight Structure
• LC Discounting
• Trade Payment Guarantees
• LC Refinancing

->Services Offered for Exporters:

NBP finances & manages export receivables and monitor your business worldwide plus ensure prompt payments and prompt delivery of information.
• Document presentation and payment services: Our team of experts can expedite the preparation, presentation of documentation & collection of receivables.
• Pre– and post–shipment financing: Sell on both letter of credit and open account payments; reduce payment cycles; enhance access to liquidity and eliminate routine inquiries.
• Bank–to–bank reimbursements: We serve as your reimbursing bank under letter of credits by using your NBP USD, Euro & other major currency nostro accounts to consolidate your letter of credit payments as well as for your export proceeds. We also offer competitive rebate structure to our correspondents. You will enjoy consolidated pre–debit advices, real–time balance, transaction reporting and overnight investment services for excess balance on your nostro account.
• Export bills collection service: Combine courier delivery of open receivables letters, payment tracing, tracking, reporting and received funds. Concentrated approach to quickly deposit the funds due from export receivables into your account while keeping you informed of paid and open items. Along with fine rebate offers; Export Bills Collection financing is also available for valued clients.

->Services Offered for Importers:

Companies importing goods need to mitigate cross–border trading risks, increase cash flows and operating efficiencies. Our experienced & efficient team helps you to compete more effectively on a worldwide basis with trade finance solutions tailored to your specific needs as an importer.
Import services include:
• Documentary Credits
• Import Finance
• Shipping Guarantees
We also offer traditional trade finance solutions that suits your requirement including private label letters of credit, import documentary collections, banker's acceptances and standby letter of credits.