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د افغانستان د بانکونو ټولنه
Afghanistan Banks Association
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Afghanistan Banks Association

Mr. Najibullah Amiri

Executive Director

Mr. Najibullah Amiri has completed his high school and University studies in Pakistan. He received LL.B (honors) degree which is equivalent to Master degree from International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan in Feb 1997.
Mr. Najibullah Amiri has been working with Afghanistan Banks Association since 2006. From Jan 2006 till Dec 2011, he served as General Secretary of Afghanistan Banks Association and plaid pivotal role in removal of Business Receipt Tax (BRT) for banking sector and substantial reduction in the fee charted for mortgage deed registration from 6% to 0.5%. Keeping in view the overwhelming interest of the public as well as banking institutions .He organized very first international conference on Islamic Banking. He negotiated with USAID/ASMED to support the association. Consequently, some critical infrastructure of ABA was developed and important trainings were organized for the banks personnel, for which international resource persons were mobilized.
From year 2015 Mr. Amiri was promoted to work as Deputy Executive Director of Afghanistan Banks Association. Based on the new changes in the office structure, Mr. Amiri also leaded Administrative, HR and Financial affairs of the Association. During this period he successfully completed the recruitment and interview process of new management and technical staff of ABA. He also completed GIZ project on supporting member banks for Publication of Marketing Materials, Exposure visit for Malaysia and SIBOS exhibition at United States of American – Boston in Sep 2014. He effectively coordinated with FAIDA/USAID toward receipt of grant for ABA. He made significant contribution in development and revision of policies, manuals and bylaw of Association. He also negotiated with ASIA foundation on receiving batch of different valuable books on banking, finance, trade and investment for ABA’s Library.
Mr. Najibullah Amiri, prior to joining Afghanistan Banks Association, served as National Regional Logistic Coordinator (NRLO) to UNOPS for Eastern Zone (Jalalabad, Laghman, Kunar and Nuristan) where he worked in the capacity of Executive in-charge of the Zone, managing all logistical, administrative and financial issues during first parliamentary election of Afghanistan.
Prior to UNOPS, from Jan 2001 till August 2002, he worked as Master Trainer with OMAR (Organization for Mine Clearance and Afghan Rehabilitation (OMAR).
From year 2012 till now, he also remained as Board Member of Pillar of Justice Legal Aid and Social Organization (PJOLASS).
Mr. Amiri has participated in many national and international conferences, workshops and committees and significantly contributed such are Credit information Bureau (CIB), ABA/AIBF coordination committee, ABA/MoF coordination committee, DAB Cheque Clearing House and more.
He visited United State of America, Bangladesh and India.

Mr. Amiri can be reached at