Afghanistan Banks Association

د افغانستان د بانکونو ټولنه
Afghanistan Banks Association
Voice of The Banks

Afghanistan Banks Association

Membership Benefits:

Member of Afghanistan Banks Association (ABA) get a wide variety of benefits, including:

• The rights and interests of the member bank will be promoted and defended by the ABA.
• The bank will have access to various contacts, resources and other opportunities. All these are geared towards strengthening the knowledge, skill and confidence. ABA is dedicated to support its member banks throughout. The association is helping its member banks to grow by organizing access to finance exhibitions, roundtables and events across the country.
• ABA members can build up the capacity of their staff and thereby elevate them.
• Associate membership helps ABA members to keep their member banks abreast of rapidly changing environment in the financial services in Afghanistan as well as globally, provides timely information on legislative, regulatory and legal developments and offers access to a variety of functions and programs to be conducted by ABA.
• ABA members can get opportunities to participate in various programs, seminars, workshops, meetings and other functions of capacity building and skill development.
• ABA members can get opportunities to speak at ABA conferences, workshops and other meetings etc.
• ABA members can get the opportunities to be member in various forums such as CIB, Banking Institute etc.
• ABA members can get opportunity to appear in various banking sector events, seminars, workshops and meetings.
• ABA always attempts to build a sound, strong and unified banking system throughout the country.
• ABA raises the voice of banking community and links public to the banks.
• Membership with ABA provides a forum for constructive discussion on banking issues. It is a place where banks learn together and from each other too, build relationships with other banks, solve problems and resolve other identified issues among member banks.
• ABA member can improve the brand - image and can generate awareness about banking services and products in the public and in all those engaged in business and financial transactions.
• ABA membership can strengthen relationships between its member that ultimately increases operational effectiveness and efficiency.
• ABA is the strongest link between the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Da Afghanistan Bank, its member and the public.

We are confident that your membership with ABA will be both fruitful and mutually satisfying