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Board of Directors Meeting Held on 27th December 2020

Date: December 27, 2020

The Board of Directors (BoD) meeting was conducted at ABA on December 27, 2020 to review operating and Financial Performance of ABA for the year 2020, discussed planned activities and approved budget for the year 2021.

The Board:
Mr. Salem Omaid, ABA Chairman and CEO Azizi Bank
Mr. Abdul Aziz BabakarKhail, ABA First Vice Chairman and CEO Bank-e-Millie Afghan
Mr. Awais Akram, ABA Second Vice Chairman and CEO Bank Alfalah Limited
Mr. Khisrow Fazli, ABA Board Member and CEO Ghazanfar Bank (GB)

Mr. Najibullah Amiri, Executive Director ABA
Mr. Edrees Alimy, Senior Research and Communication Officer
Mr. Enayatullah Lodin, Senior Admin & Finance Officer

The agenda items:
ABA achievements/Performance in the year 2020
ABA’s Plan for the year 2021
Presentation on ABA’s financials 2020, and budget for FY 2021
Proposal of ABA to respective authority of Government on improvement/Challenges of Banking Sector (Both Conventional and Islamic)

Discussions and Conclusions:
The meeting was commenced by welcomming remarks of ABA chairman Mr. M. Salem Omaid.
Subsequently, Mr. Edrees Alimy deleviered a presentation on ABA’s acheivement and performance for the year 2020, he said that 2020 was a critical year for the banking sector and ABA. Since due to Covid 19 economic recession, the global economy as Afghanistan winteseed huge loases and downturn to the economic activities. In order to combat Covid 19 economic recession, on that hard time ABA backed banks by submitting two stimulus package to DAB and to the goverment. The proposed stimulus was accepted by DABS where mainly covered supproting banks capital adeqacy, ensuring liqudity, maintaining safety, reduction of operating cost, relaxation on asset classfication, extension of IFRS9 and many more. These relaxations remarkably contributed towards safeguard of banks against the corona flactuations. Despite COVID19 pandemic and lockdown it was a good year for ABA, performed well and lobied for impwerment of banking sector in all aspects, throuhg following activites.
Lobbying and Advocacy
Internal Strengthening & Coordination
National Collaboration
Capacity Building & Public Awareness
Correspondences, Media Exposures on supporting banking sector
Publication & Knowledge Management
The board appreciated ABA performance for the year 2020 and proposed some strategic tasks to be carried out by ABA in 2021. Furthermore, the honorable BOD assessed ABA spending in 2020 and strictly scrutinized ABA’s budget for year 2021. Finally, it was decided to proceed with the same budget (2020) for the year 2021 with no increase in subscription fee.