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د افغانستان د بانکونو ټولنه
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Afghanistan Banks Association

Mr. Hafiz Ghulam Ishaq

Chief Executive Officer

He is appointed as the President/CEO of Pashtany Bank after attaining the approval of DAB.

Mr. Hafiz Ghulam Ishaq was born in Helmand, Afghanistan. he Graduated from the university of Wadi Helmand with a bachelor degree in Sharea “Fiqa and Qanoon “, he has more than 4 years of experience in his profession.

Hafiz has worked with different national and international organizations such as; IRC (International rescue Committee) as a financial Manager, Jannat Institute as a project coordinator, Mr. Hafiz is a committed professional who has strong communication.

More than his role as a financial analyst, he is also effective at persuading and influencing high – ranking individuals. His opinions are high valued, people trust and respect his judgments, Hafiz earned a degree in political science in Tollo_e_ Aftab through his course. He developed a passionate interest in finance and administration.

In particular, he focused on Topic Like sustainable development, self-government, and Political Economy, after he graduated, Hafiz worked hard to the attain his role as a financial analyst for 6 years.

He works honestly and appreciate honestly because he loves his nation.